Meet the Kids

Hey there!

spin wedding 27

We’re the Spinnenweber’s. I’m Sarah, and that up there is Stephen. We are two newlyweds who are enjoying this crazy life inside marriage. We got married in May, moved to the Eastern Shore, and have started our new life here. We were married at ages 19 and 20, hence the name Two Crazy Kids! We were continually called “crazy” during our engagement, and continue to be called that now even after getting married (i.e.  from coworkers, classmates, random strangers who notice we’re married, etc). Regardless of what people say, we’re loving the married life and everything that goes along with it!

Here you will find posts about pretty much everything. From recipes, to life happenings, to random ponderings. Our goal is to provide a peek into our day to day, and document things so we too can remember these memories we’re making. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

-The Spin’s


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