Updates: Part Two

Last week I showed some of the things we switched up in our bedroom, based off of the changes in our living room.


Here’s a picture of what our living room looked like previously.






Changes made:

*The bookcase! I LOVE this bookcase and I was so excited to find it on sale at Target. It is this bookcase from Target. It’s surprisingly sturdy and well made, much nicer than the Ikea bookcases we had looked at. 

*Our curtains. The curtains were a bit of a splurge (especially knowing I could have made them myself…), but that’s what Christmas money is for, right?! I bought these light grey linen curtains from Ikea, and LOVE them. They are much longer and wider than our previous curtains (top photo), so we had to lift our curtain rod so that it was higher and wider than the top of our screen door. It took a bit to convince Stephen that this is really how it should be anyways, and it truly does add height to the room! I also love these curtains because they are fairly sheer, and let tons of light in during the day. 

*The grey dresser. My mother in law has been renovating furniture lately, and I saw this dresser in her house a few times and loved it. This Christmas, Mrs. Anne decided to give each couple something that she had handmade and I was so excited to receive this! It’s painted with chalk paint, and has a very smooth, milky finish. It’s also my favorite color 🙂 I now use it to hold my school books and the bottom shelves to hold extra pantry items. (Thanks again, Mrs. Anne :))


I’m enjoying the new changes, and love that the room feels a bit more colorful. That first picture looks awfully monochromatic! Lately I’ve been keeping my eye out for things that are bright teal and yellow to add some brightness to the room, because there is a lot of grey and beige. I also am so excited for the day when I can paint my walls, because I know that would also make quite the difference!


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