Some Updates

It has definitely been awhile since I’ve updated this blog…I think before Christmas! We had a busy holiday and winter break, but now we’re both back in school and back to the same old routine. Over the holidays, I put some of my Christmas money to good use by purchasing some home items that I’d been wanting. Most of the change has occurred in our living room, but there has also been a bit of change in our bedroom.

photo 2

Stephen and I had been wanting a bookshelf for awhile. We have this metal shelf from Ikea (above) which I like, but it’s not super sturdy and doesn’t have  a back, which means we can’t really use it to hold books. This shelf used to live in our living room, but has now been replaced by a new bookshelf that I LOVE from Target (that will be a different post.) However, I’m loving this shelf in our bedroom! I’m so pleased by the move, and I like that I now have a place to stack extra books, my bouquet, and my jewelry 🙂

photo 1

We also brought our hope chest up to the bedroom. Our hope chest used to stay in the living room (in our little “nook”), and held extra pantry items. We have now replaced its spot in the living room (with a much more functional piece), so the chest now lives upstairs. We’re also liking the new spot because it adds extra clothing storage for Stephen (he has a lot of clothes. And shoes. LOTS of shoes.)

photo 1 (1)

Lastly, we added some string lights that we bought after Christmas. I really like them, but can’t decide where to keep them. For now I’m enjoying them where they are, and love the light they add to the room.

Just a quick update of some changes. I’m already noticing that my decorating style has changed a bit (since when we first moved in) and already have in mind things I would like to change! I was surprised by that. Funny how that happens….


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