Christmas At Our Place


I’ve had way too much fun decorating our apartment for Christmas this year. This year, for some reason, I’ve been trying really hard to get into the Christmas spirit. It has been so fun! Instead of tv, Stephen and I have been listening to Christmas music on Pandora non-stop (which isn’t much of a sacrifice considering we don’t have cable). I’ve been lighting Christmas candles, making Christmas cookies, and really trying to enjoy the season. This might also be because I have a lot of time on my hands now that I’m finished for the semester. Anyways….here’s what it’s looking like over here.

Christmas 2013! Our first Christmas 003     101     100

We’ve gotten all of our Christmas decorations at Target. I bought most of our stuff after Christmas last year using a gift card. I felt silly at the time, but I’m so glad it did it! All of our ornaments (and the Christmas tree coasters-so adorable!), the tree skirt, our stockings, and other random decorations are from Target. I’m sure I will shop some more after this Christmas as well. Our tree was a gift from my parents, and we love it! It’s the perfect size for our space.


    106     109

Seeking to make the place even more festive, I decided to hang up some paper snowflakes. I cut a bunch out, and hung them in our living room using mini clothespins. I also printed out some free Christmas prints that I found on Pinterest. We’re planning on hanging up some Christmas cards up there as well as we receive them 🙂

 Christmas 2013! Our first Christmas 004

Christmas 2013! Our first Christmas 007

Christmas 2013! Our first Christmas 009

Last but not least, some little items I found in the dollar section at Target. I first saw the “HO HO HO” sign while at Target with my sister in law and loved it. I decided to go back and grab it (it was only a dollar! I would’ve bought more if they had them). I also picked up these little Christmas dishes (also a dollar). I thought they were adorable, and would look great holding some peppermints. Side note: that little Pier One reed diffuser up there smells amazing. I’ve used these fragrances before, and never thought they smelled like much. However, this Sugared Cinnamon one has made our entire living room smell like baking cookies! Love it.

Anyways, that’s our little place 🙂 I apologize for all the detailed pictures as well, I’m sure you weren’t wondering what our coasters looked like 😛


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