An Apartment Tour

I figured it would be a good idea to take some photos of our home. It is our first place, and I want to remember it! So here is our little place 🙂

The Entryway

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The sign on the door was a gift from my sister Jessica. We love it, and it’s something that guests notice as soon as they come in! We always get compliments on it! We love our key rack from Hobby Lobby, and use the small dresser (?) to hold hats/gloves, cleaning supplies, change for laundry, and sunscreen in the summer.

The Kitchen

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blog 593

Our Living/Dining Room

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Our living room is definitely where we spend most of our time. We don’t have cable, but do have PLENTY of DVDs (they are bursting out of the baskets in our “entertainment center” above–and that’s not close to all of them), seasons of The Office, and an antenna so we get some local channels. We created the small “nook” into a reading area, and I keep all my school books in the basket on the chest. We also pressed our dining room table (with one leaf down) against the wall. This works perfectly for the two of us. When we have company over, we just move it out and add the two chairs that sit by our bookshelf.

Our Bedroom

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blog 605

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Our bedroom is very simple. I’d prefer it to be simple over cluttered, and I love that it’s so bright and clean feeling.

The Office

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We were lucky enough to find an affordable townhouse/apartment with two bedrooms. We certainly don’t need the extra  bedroom, but it sure is nice to have. Stephen mainly uses this room. He uses it for school, Ebay selling, and storage. I use it to hold a lot of my teaching stuff. We have considered getting a pull out couch/futon from Ikea to go in here, but have decided to wait off. We don’t want to accumulate extra furniture because we know we are moving in the future, and probably won’t have an extra bedroom.

The bathroom

blog 613     blog 614

Definitely not the prettiest room in the house. Our bathroom is a beautiful (yeah right) cream color which never really looks clean. It also suffers from no natural light, which contributes to its ugliness 🙂 The joys of renting!

Anyways, that is our home! We enjoy living on the Eastern Shore, being close to the beach, and making our place a home. We do love our apartment and feel blessed that we found something that is more than we would ever need.


4 thoughts on “An Apartment Tour

  1. I love your home! You always remember your first place, but it’s wonderful that you documented it so well because you start to forget the little details over time.
    I’m not going to lie, I got so giddy when I saw the chalkboard in the kitchen : )
    I’m excited to start following your blog…I promise to start updating mine soon : )
    xo, Rec

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