A Spray Painting Day

When I spray paint, I like to do a lot at one time. If I’m going to set up a spray painting area in the yard, I don’t want to do it for only one item. Lately I’ve been thinking about things that I wanted to spray paint. We had a nice and warm day last week, so I decided I should do it before it gets too cold. I had two (old and ugly) frames, a couple mason jars, and a canvas I wanted to paint.

school 003blog 003Here are the items beforehand. I knew I wanted to make “state art” with the canvas. I printed out a simple map of Maryland, cut it out, and taped it to my canvas. I think the state looks a bit small on the canvas, but I couldn’t print the map out any larger. Also, I just wanted to use up my extra canvas! I also had some mason jars. I found this idea on pinterest, and thought they were too cute. I decided to also do a similar thing with an old creamer (or milk jug). I wrapped tape around the jars to create a straight line. I then taped paper around them to keep spray paint from getting on the tops. For the frames, I simply took scraps of paper and stuck them between the glass.

blog 002

The spray paint that I used. They were my only colors, hence why I painted everything grey! (Well also, it’s my favorite color but…)

blog 009blog 010

Here are the afters. The milk jug is not shown, but I painted that one white instead of grey.

blog 080blog 078

blog 087          blog 088blog 089

blog 085              blog 086

blog 094

And here is everything in its new place. 🙂


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