May 18, 2013

I feel as though it is fitting to start this blog with a post on our wedding day. To be honest, I am partly doing this for me, because I am forgetting more and more about our wedding day as time goes on. While engaged, everybody told me that the day would go by in a blur–and they were SO right! So, in my quest to remember the details of the day, I will let you in on it as well.

Stephen and I were married on May 18, 2013. After a crazy 5 month engagement (in which our wedding/school/living situations changed multiple times), we were married at my home church (Severna Park Evangelical Presbyterian) and held the reception at The Grachur Club. The Grachur Club is a boat club that sits on the Magothy River. The Grachur Club is very rustic, so it needed a lot of work. We chose it because it was free, large enough to fit our guests (hardly), and it was “outdoorsy”. It had a beautiful wrap-around porch where we planned to sit a lot of our guests. We picked out a caterer (barbecue), and had a family friend DJ for us. We had great plans. 🙂

The Wedding Week

This is where things started to blur…..

A week before the wedding, we moved into our apartment (which is 2 hours from home). We loaded up the moving truck on Friday, and drove down on Saturday morning. When we arrived on Saturday, we did a lot of cleaning and unloading. Finally, we started to unpack and get as settled as possible. Somehow we managed to get mostly moved in, and left the following morning. That morning was Mother’s day. Once I got home, we celebrated Mother’s day by taking my mom out to dinner. We got home that evening, and I began to study for finals. That’s right. It was finals week. The week before my wedding. I spent a lot of time studying, taking classes, and prepping for the wedding day. The Thursday before the wedding we cleaned and emptied out The Lodge (the reception room). This was a fun day, and we had lots of friends and family come to help. On Friday, we decorated. This part was the most fun. On Friday night we had our rehearsal dinner which was a blast! Stephen’s mom planned a nice, outside dinner at her home. It was beautiful. We drank old-fashioned bottled soda, had grilled steak and chicken, and then made ice-cream sundaes. That night, my bridesmaids and I went back to my house to spend the night. The next day was the wedding!

The Wedding Day

The wedding day wasn’t without it’s problems. Our first problem was the weather. I was very cloudy, with a high chance of rain. Our plan of seating people out on the porch was out. We decided to move those tables inside (which made for an extremely tight reception area). I also was very nervous. My nerves were mainly about the ceremony itself, but also about the dances. I never anticipated being very nervous on my wedding day, but I definitely was. However, by the end of the day my nerves had worn off and I was fully enjoying myself. Now for some pictures because I’ve talked far too much.

spin wedding 3 17

 Getting ready with my bridesmaids.

spin wedding 80

The groom getting ready 🙂

spin wedding 3 21 (2)

Dancing with Aubrey, our flower girl and Stephen’s niece.

spin wedding 90

Walking down

spin wedding 3 21 (1)

spin wedding 3 35

The Ceremony

spin wedding 86

The groom, his parents, and the groomsmen.

spin wedding 3 75

Heading to the reception!

spin wedding 3 88 (1)

spin wedding 48

spin wedding 30

spin wedding 95

spin wedding 105

The party!

While that was a long post about the wedding, there’s so much I left out about this day! But I am glad that I remembered as much as I did (even though it was only 4 months ago!). Perhaps on my anniversary I will give the details of the reception!

Until then, thanks for reading!

Sarah Spin


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